Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Council Agendas


Duncan Murray, Parish Clerk
Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford. SO53 2LE

Telephone 023 8026 6612


Please note that if a meeting is scheduled and there is no published agenda on this page 3 clear days before the meeting, then the meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of business to transact.


14 May 2019

To:  All Members of the Council


You are summoned to The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 20 May 2019 at 7.00pm at the Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford.



Public participation, the first 15 minutes are set aside for members of the public who are invited to ask questions or make statements during this period.

  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  3. Election of a Vice-Chairman
  4. Apologies
  5. Declaration of Interests
  6. To elect Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen and Members of Committees:

a) Asset Management Committee (8 Members)
b) Policy and Finance Committee (9 Members)    
c) Planning, Highways and Licensing Committee (8 Members)
d) Human Resources Committee (4 Members)
e) Audit and Risk Management Committee (5 Members [including CFPC, P&F and AMC Chairs])

  1. To appoint representatives to outside bodies:

a) Chandler’s Ford Community Association
b) Hiltingbury Community Association
c) Velmore Community Association 
d) North Millers Dale Association
e) QEII Jubilee Activity Centre
f) Itchen Valley & Chandler’s Ford Rotary Club

  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. To approve/accept minutes of meetings
  1. to approve the minutes of meeting of the Parish Council held on 18 March 2019,
  2. to accept the minutes of the Asset Management Committee of 8 April 2019 previously agreed at the meeting of that committee on 16 May 2019,
  3. to approve the minutes of the HR Committee of 12 April 2019,
  4. to approve the minutes of the meeting of the Planning Licensing and Highways Committee of 15 April 2019,
  5. to approve the minutes of the Policy and Finance Committee of 23 April 2018, to note resolutions, the financial reports, and to ratify the payments agreed by that committee, and
  6. to approve the minutes of the Audit and Risk Management Committee of 7 May 2019.
  1. To agree: -
    1. the direct debit payments for utilities bills, telephone, postage franking and trade/fuel cards, sports booker and accountancy packages be agreed to continue and that BACS/internet banking continue to be authorised for salaries and HMRC payments,
    2. the RECOMMENDATION from Policy and Finance that the Internal Audit report letter of the visit covering up to 28 February is ACCEPTED.
  2. Date and place of next meeting (Annual Return): 7.00pm 24 June 2019 at Fryern Pavilion, Chandler’s Ford.



Duncan Murray
Parish Clerk


10th May 2019

Voting Members are summoned to a meeting of the Asset Management Committee on THURSDAY 16 May 2019 at 7.00 p.m. Hiltingbury Pavilion, Greenways, Chandler’s Ford


Public participation – the first 15 minutes are set aside for the public to express a view or ask a question of Members of the committee.

  1. Apologies.
  2. Declarations of Interest.
  3. To agree the minutes of the Committee’s meeting of 8 April 2019.
  4. To agree to exclude the press and public from the meeting under The Public Access To Meetings Act 1960 /C2 due to the confidential nature of the items to be discussed.
  5. To discuss and agree various contractual issues for the new pavilion and sports hall.
  6. Matters to be taken forward to the committee’s next agenda.
  7. To confirm the next meeting as Monday 3 June 2019, 7.00pm at Fryern Pavilion.

Duncan Murray
Parish Clerk   


Draft Minutes of previous meetings are available on the relevant year's minute page


Press and public are welcome.