Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Council Minutes 2014

Minutes of Meetings 2014

Please find below the minutes and draft minutes of meetings of the Full Parish Council and its various Committees - minutes are published on the website as pdfs and the date of the meeting is the hyperlink.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the council can be found here. They set out the election of the Chairman and Vice-chairman and Chairmanship/membership of committees for the current year.

Full Council Minutes:

20 January

10 March

19 March (Special Meeting)

28 April

10 June (AGM)

28 July

Extraordinary meeting of Full Council
8 August 2014

15 September

Extraordinary Meeting of Full Council
29 September 2014

27 October

1 December

Policy and Finance Committee:

13 January

26 February

14 April

26 June

1 September

13 October

17 November

Asset Management Committee:

22 April

23 June

Notes of Informal Meeting 21 July

4 August

8 September

6 October

3 November

8 December

Audit and Risk Management

10 October

Planning, Highways and Licensing:

16 July

27 August

1 October

29 October

3 December (no meeting)

Financial Reports

Half Year to 30/09/2014