Chandler's Ford Parish Council

Parish Office

The Parish Office is open for enquiries Monday through Thursday 9.15 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. to take your enquiries or by telephone and e-mail.

Telephone: 023 8026 6612


 For visitors the address is:

Fryern Hill Pavilion
Chandler's Ford
SO53 2LE



Office Staff

Parish Clerk: Duncan Murray

Assistant Parish Clerk: Sukey Spurlock

Facilities Manager: 

Compliance Officer: Phil Eades

Caretaker: Tori Beqo

Admin Assistant: Diane Dawes


Properties Owned:

Fryern Pavilion, Recreation Ground and Play Area SO53 2LE – Located within the recreation ground off Greenways car park on Greenways.

Hiltingbury Pavilion, Recreation Ground and Play Area SO53 5NP – Located off of Hiltingbury Road (next to the Hilt) since April 2015.

Pennine Way, Recreation Ground and Play Area SO53 3DZ - Located off Pennine Way. 


Play Areas:

Suffolk Drive
 SO53 3ER – Located next to Suffolk Drive

Cox Row SO53 3FW – Located near Cox Row

Mead Road SO53 2FB – located off Mead Road

Lincolns Valley SO53 2DG – Located off Constantine Way

Westmorland Way SO53 2LB – Located behind grass mound off Westmorland Way

Governing Documents:

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations