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111 is the new healthline

A new hotline has been set up for anyone feeling ill and looking for health advice. The NHS Direct line has now been replaced by the 111 number.

No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold calling Zones are an initaitive of Hampshire County Council to help combat the problem of doorstep crime. Supported by Hampshire Constabulary and partners, NCCZ aim to make residents feel safer in their own homes. NCCZ do not ban cold callers or create exclusion zones, however they can be effective in deterring unscrupulous cold callers from approaching people living in the zones and giving residents the confidence to say "No".

NCCZ can either be set up from local intelligence or a request, but both require the sucessful completion of a consultation process. This can lead to the provision of door stickers and signage, for the purpose of labelling the zone and empowering residents.

It works! NCCZ have proved to be a success across the country. Since the introduction of a zone in their area:

* 72% of residents felt safer living in a No Cold Calling Zone

* 74% of residents felt more confident when dealing with cold callers

For further information please contact:

No Cold Calling Zones
Hampshire County Council
Trading Standards Service
Montgomery House
Monarch Way
Winchester SO22 5PW

Telephone: 01962 833620



The Blue Lamp Trust - "The Bobby Scheme"

Residents might also like to know that this organisation is a registered charity who offer a  free home safety and security survey to assess any work needed to make the resident's home safe and secure. Also free of charge devices may be fitted such as : door chains, door and widow locks, spyhloles and smoke detectors.

For furher information visit the website:

or telephone 0300 777 0157


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