Meeting and Activity Rooms to Hire

Fryern Hill Pavilion, Greenways,
Chandler's Ford

An ideal place for meetings, activities and parties - with plenty of free parking!

Fryern Hill Pavilion is a lively community centre with rooms available for hire for business meetings, special interest group meetings, children's birthday parties, community activities, yoga, pilates and keepfit classes, parent and toddler activities/groups, children's dance groups, a Sunday church group etc etc.

There are a total of up to 4 rooms available to hire Monday to Thursday and over the weekends with up to 40 free parking spaces for hirers/participants.

The centre also hosts the committee meetings of the Parish Council, and some full council meetings, which are mainly held on Monday evenings.

Fryern Hill Pavilion is equiped with 2x ceiling mounted projectors, 2x audio systems with each room being Wi-Fi enabled.  The Pavilion also has 20 x rectangular, 10 x 90cm square and 6 x 80cm round tables, with about 140 chairs, flip chart easel and a portable hearing loop available for all hirers.

(All day on Fridays are gifted for use by the Fryern Community Association for community activities and voluntary sector support purposes - with a beginner bridge class, regular afternoon talks and film nights - go to for more details).

We also have 3 rooms to hire (for fitness, martial arts and pilates classes etc) at the Hiltingbury Sportshall and Refurbished Pavilion ranging from 140m2 to 51m2 and 41m2 . Please contact the Sportshall directly for further information. 

Within Fryern Pavilion there are 3 main rooms -

Greenways - large 55sqm, and small 37sqm, which has a moveable wall separating them and they combine to form a space of 92sqm.

The larger part of the room has a kitchen and pantry off it, which is also available for hire.

Clanfield (66sqm also with a small kitchen off to the side)

and Craven (a small meeting room suitable to seat 4-6 people)

Hire Charges (inc VAT)

Craven: Small Meeting Room @ £ 5.00 per hour

Greenways: (Small) @ £ 8.40 per hour

Greenways: (Large) @ £12.60 per hour

Greenways Combined: @ £21.00 per hour

Clanfield: @ £15.00 per hour

optional extras:

Greenways kitchen plus £10.00 per booking with Greenways Large or Combined rooms

Clanfield kitchen plus £5.00 per booking of the Clanfield room

Deposits are required for some bookings details are available from the Parish Office (023 8026 6612)

Terms and conditions of Hire:

The rights granted to the Hirer in this Agreement shall not operate or be deemed to operate as a demise of the Premises or any part thereof and do not create a relationship of landlord and tenant. The Hirer shall not have or be entitled to any right, estate or title in the Premises save as expressly given in this Agreement.  The Premises shall at all times remain in the control and possession of Chandler's Ford Parish Council, who reserves the right of entry by its staff, contractors or other designated persons to the Premises at all times. 

1. The person signing the agreement shall be at least eighteen years of age, considered the Hirer and shall be personally responsible for maintaining due order in the Pavilion during the hiring and for the observance of the conditions of hire.  This shall be in addition to the liabilities of any Club, Society or Body on whose behalf this agreement is expressed to be made. ALL HIRERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF IDENTITY AND ADDRESS.

2. The charges for hiring (per hour or part hour) include VAT. Use of the rooms hired MUST NOT continue beyond Midnight, except by special arrangement.Deposits will be charged as shown on the booking form. If the Council shall decide during the period of any permanent letting to amend the charge for   such lettings, then the charge referred to in this present Clause shall be replaced by such amended charge for the remainder of this period to which this Agreement relates.

3. If use of the kitchen, which is equipped with various facilities for washing up and preparing food is included in the above period of hire, the Hirer will be expected to provide his/her own Crockery and other materials. The kitchen must be left in a clean and tidy state.

4. If the booked room(s) is/are not used for the period of hire, the whole of the booking fee may be forfeited to the Council, at the Council’s discretion.

5. No licensed Bar shall be held without both a temporary licence and consent of the Parish Council but intoxicating liquors may be brought into the Pavilion if the prior consent IN WRITING of the Chandlers Ford Parish Council is obtained.

6. The Hirer shall not assign the benefit or burden of the Agreement, nor sub-let the Pavilion or any part thereof.

7. The Hirer shall be responsible for:

a) any damage caused during the period of hire, to the Pavilion or any damage to or loss from the property, or equipment of this council therein;
b) any loss, damage or injury which may be sustained by any person or persons resorting to the Pavilion during the period of hire.
c) any failure in the observance or performance of any of these conditions.

8. The hirer shall indemnify the Council against any claims, losses, costs and expenses which may arise out of any such loss, damage or injury or breach of conditions as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

9. The right of entry to the Pavilion is reserved to any Agent of the Council and any Police Officer at any time during the hiring

10. The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that good order is kept in the Pavilion during the hiring and the Council may, if they think fit, charge the Hirer for any extra expenses he may incur engaging Police Constables to preserve order, prior to, during or after any entertainment or meeting in the Hall.

11. No decorations, additional lights, or extension for the existing light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of the Chandler’s Ford Parish Council and any such decorations, additional lights and extensions shall be removed by the Hirer at the expiration of the period.

12. The hiring shall only extend to the use of the specified room and/or Kitchen at the Pavilion and the Cloakroom accommodation.

13. The Council reserves the right to refuse any application, or cancel any hiring.  No compensation can be made to the Hirer as a result of these rights.

14. The Hirer shall be responsible for familiarising themselves with fire call points and evacuation routes upon arrival to the building.  Should the fire alarm sound during their booking, they must evacuate the building immediately and, if the booking is out of normal office hours, call the Parish Council Emergency Out of Hours number.  The Hirer remains responsible for all members of their party and must ensure all members of their party are accounted for following an evacuation.