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Chandler's Ford wins the Hampshire Village of the Year Award 2018!

Councillors and the Clerk with the awards and winners plaque for Hampshire Village of the Year 2018

At a presentation evening on 25 September CFPC attended the HALC/Fullers Hampshire Village of the Year Awards presentation and came away with the Village of the Year Award for 2018 and was also commended with Runner Up Awards for: -

  • Best Open Spaces (the quality of Recreation Grounds, Play Areas, Tennis Courts and Wildflower Meadows were cited, just one year after bringing the grounds maintenance in-house.)
  • Best Community Event (the Fryern Funtasia 2018)
  • Excellence in Localism.

25th September 2019 we hosted the Fullers HALC presentation evening for 2019's winners and passed the mantle on.

Properties Owned:

Fryern Pavilion, Recreation Ground and Play Area SO53 2LE – Located within the recreation ground off Greenways.

Hiltingbury Pavilion, Recreation Ground and Play Area SO53 5NP – Located off of Hiltingbury Road (next to the Hilt)

Play Areas:

Suffolk Drive SO53 3ER – Located next to Suffolk Drive

Cox Row SO53 3FW – Located near Cox Row

Mead Road SO53 2FB – located off Mead Road

Lincolns Valley SO53 2DG – Located off Constantine Way

Westmoreland Way SO53 2LB – Located behind grass mound off Westmoreland Way

Pennine Way SO53 3DZ – Located in park area at the end of Pennine Way


Governing Documents:

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations


The Aims of Chandler's Ford Parish Council

  • To improve the sport and recreation facilities within the Parish and to provide a range of opportunities for all age groups
  • To manage facilities within the Parish to make improvements, including quality of maintenance, and to provide best value for money
  • To improve the overall appearance of the Parish
  • To promote a planning policy that enhances the quality of the local area
  • To eliminate antisocial behaviour and to strive to further develop a harmonious community
  • To preserve the unique character of the area and to resist inappropriate development
  • To protect, restore, improve and maintain the biodiversity of the natural sites that exist within Chandler's Ford and Velmore and to promote conservation education
  • To encourage the community to be involved with activities in the Parish
  • To encourage and support local businesses to become established within the Parish
  • To ensure that we have a local traffic plan that promotes the safety of all road users