Hiltingbury Tennis Courts

Hiltingbury Tennis Courts

The use of Hiltingbury Tennis Courts is through membership only. 

The benefits of membership will enable you to pre-book a tennis court for the time of your choice.  You will also be provided with an access key card which enables the member to gain access to the courts. 

Membership costs £10 per year with an additional £10 refundable deposit required for the access key card.  The deposit is refunded when the tennis membership is cancelled.  If the key card is lost or stolen there is an additional charge of £10 for a replacement, with the original deposit payment being non-refundable. 

The key card will provide access to all four courts at the time of your booking.  However, please note that court 4 cannot be prebooked.  This court is available for “turn up and play” tennis where you may play without booking if the court is free.  Court 4 must be vacated on the hour every hour unless there is no one waiting to play.  This court is operated on a courtesy basis, and we would expect all members to respect those playing and those waiting.

Please be aware that Court 4 is for casual access only and therefore no coaching may take place on this court.  You may be asked to leave if found to be coaching. 

Those wishing to only use Court 4 may purchase a Casual membership.  For the cost of £10 refundable deposit an Access Key Card will be provided giving access to court 4 only. 


New Members

If you would like to become a member of the Hiltingbury Tennis Courts, please click on the link below to purchase membership –


Upon completion you should receive a confirmation email.  Please take this confirmation email to Hiltingbury Sportshall where they will allocate you the Access Key Card.

Payment can be made on-line via the Sportsbooker system.

For any queries regarding new membership please contact Hiltingbury Sportshall on 02380 170506, alternatively email sportshall@chandlersford-pc.gov.uk


Booking a Court

Please note that due to current high level of bookings we would ask all members to be considerate to other users.  Booking a court every day of the week prevents others within the community from utilising the courts.  With the easing of lockdown measures it is only fair that everyone within our community has equal opportunity to participate in outdoor sport.   Bookings will be monitored regularly.

Please note that only those with active tennis memberships will be able to book a court.  To book a court please follow the below link –


You will require your login details from your original registration.

There is no charge for members to book a court, as long as they have a current membership.

Courts may be booked up to one week in advance.  To ensure fair access to all, bookings can only be one hour maximum and no block bookings are available.


Schools, Tennis Clubs and Coaches

Please note that no coaching services (whether for payment or not ) may be carried out at the tennis courts without prior written consent of the Clerk of the Parish Council.  Anyone found providing such services without the necessary consent may be asked to leave the tennis courts without any entitlement to a deposit refund.

Court booking fees do apply for organisations such as tennis clubs, schools or coaches (with prior consent).  These bookings are made as a block booking with prior arrangement with the Parish Council Office.  Fees will be invoiced, and VAT exemptions will only apply as per the current VAT regulations, ie, 10 or more block bookings paid for in advance, with no refund if the session is cancelled.  Please note that fees must be paid for in advance of the block booking. 

Please also note that block bookings will only be accepted if there is no negative impact for the rest of the community who must continue to have fair access to the tennis courts.

Access key cards will only work for Schools, Clubs and Coaches for the time of their regular bookings.

Court 4 is NOT to be used for coaching at any time.  If a coach is found to be using court 4 they will be asked to leave the courts immediately, even if it is a private one to one lesson.


Tennis Court Layout

The tennis courts are numbered as per the image below


By entering and using the tennis courts, all users have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of use below -


These Hiltingbury Tennis Courts Terms and Conditions are the Parish Council’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale which apply to the provision of the tennis courts and key cards. If you are unsure as to whether you are able to take part in any activity, or you have any questions concerning these Terms and Conditions, please contact us before booking or playing.

For the purpose of these Hiltingbury Tennis Courts Terms and Conditions:

‘Courts’ means the Outdoor Courts.

‘Outdoor Courts’ means the four outdoor hard-court tennis courts within the Hiltingbury Recreation Ground.

‘You’ means the customer, being any person taking part in any activity on the tennis courts.


1.1. Playing tennis carries inherent risks. You accept these risks and are responsible for your own actions and involvement.

1.2. By entering the tennis courts, you have accepted, and agreed to comply with, these Hiltingbury Tennis Courts Terms and Conditions.

1.3. Key cards are the only means of access to courts outside of prescribed free access times. Key cards are charged at £10.00 each and are valid for a single household for personal use only. They can only be used by members of the registered household.

1.4  Key cards are not transferrable across households and not to be used for commercial use unless previously authorised by the Parish Council.

1.5. There is also an annual membership fee of £10.00 per member.

1.6. If you do not act in accordance with these Hiltingbury Tennis Courts Terms and Conditions you may be asked to leave the courts without any entitlement to a refund and your key card may be cancelled.

1.7. No ball games other than tennis to be played on the courts without the agreement of the Council.

1.8. In making a booking on behalf of a group, you are responsible for ensuring all group members comply with these Hiltingbury Tennis Courts Terms and Conditions.

1.9. No coaching services (whether or not for payment) may be carried out at the tennis courts without the prior written consent of the Clerk of the Parish Council. Anyone found to be providing such services without the necessary consent may be asked to leave the tennis courts without any entitlement to a refund for key cards or standard annual usage fee.


2.1. If you decide to cancel your booking or the Parish Council has to close the courts there is no refund.

2.2. Courts may be booked up to 1 week in advance.  You will normally need to pre-book a court to be able to play on it.

2.3. Only 1 hourly session may be pre-booked on the courts per day per key card holder.  If the court is vacant at the end of your pre-booked session and nobody is waiting you may extend your period of play.  If however the court has been pre-booked by another customer, or somebody is waiting, your period of play must not extend beyond your own pre-booked session, even if you arrived late.

2.4. Please ensure you close the gate both on entering and leaving the courts.

2.5. If two people think they have booked the same court please pop into the Hiltingbury Sports Hall to clarify, or alternatively view the court booking on line.  The person’s name that appears on the booking system will be the person allowed to play.


3.1. Non-marking training shoes or tennis shoes must be worn whilst on the courts at all times.

3.2. When using the tennis courts, you must be appropriately dressed all times.


4.1. No dogs other than guide dogs kept on leads may be brought into the tennis courts’ enclosure.

4.2. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes or any other artificial cigarettes or smoking devices) is not permitted anywhere within the tennis courts.

4.3. If you wish to use sound or video recording equipment within the tennis courts, please speak with a member of our staff before doing so.

4.4. The Parish Council accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to any personal items brought onto the tennis courts.

4.5. The Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any information displayed or broadcast in the tennis courts by any third party.

4.6. If you lose your key card and need a replacement, a £10.00 replacement fee will be charged.


5.1. Please follow all safety and information signs displayed around the tennis courts.

5.2. Any accidents or incidents should be reported to a member of our staff.

5.3. Please treat the Parish Council’s property and facilities with care at all times.

5.4. Please do not leave any items unattended.


6.1. The facility is shared by a range of different customer groups. Please respect other players and be aware of your surroundings.

6.2. Please follow any instructions given by our staff.

6.3. Please do not distract others while they are participating in an activity.

6.4. Dangerous or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are part of a group which causes a disturbance, the group will be treated as one and our staff have the right to remove the whole group from the tennis courts and your key card may be cancelled. Any malicious damage caused may result in prosecution and a recovery of all costs incurred.